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Learn more about Liftvrac food conveyors

Efficient production flows are essential in the food industry. At Liftvrac, our belt conveyors are designed to optimize the transfer of food products smoothly and continuously, avoiding interruptions that could affect productivity or quality.

By integrating high-performance conveyor systems with 0 product loss, we help the food industry to maximize its profitability while ensuring careful handling of sensitive materials.

Understanding the specific challenges of each customer is at the heart of our approach. We provide tailor-made food industry conveyors that adapt to the variety of materials being processed – whether crisps or fresh fruit, for example – their size, temperature and throughput – and to the layout constraints of production sites.

Our engineering department is always attentive to your needs and creates conveyor solutions that fit perfectly into the most demanding environments, optimizing the use of space on production sites.

Innovation is more than an ambition, it’s at the heart of our approach. At Liftvrac, we are constantly investing in research and development to enhance the performance of our food processing conveyors. Working in partnership with specialist organizations such as the CTCPA, CETIM, 3A and EHEDG enables us to anticipate the sector’s future needs. By listening to the feedbacks of our customers and anticipating the future needs of the food industry, we are constantly improving our products and services, so that we can offer ever more efficient, safe and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Our food conveyors comply with the most demanding international standards and regulations in terms of hygiene, quality and safety.

Committed to research and setting standards in hygienic design, our engineers anticipate future regulations in the design of conveyor solutions.

Our equipment has the latest certifications issued by independent bodies, enabling us to maintain production in line with the strictest industry standards.

The food industry demands high standards of hygiene to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. Belt conveyors are designed for regular cleaning, with smooth surfaces and corrosion-resistant components.

Liftvrac offers you a complete solution. Each food belt conveyor comes with associated services such as installation, training for your production, cleaning and maintenance teams, and personalized contact with our after-sales service. The reactivity of our after-sales service underlines our commitment to our customers in the food industry.
Our trainings and the conveyor’s ergonomics and ease of use are appreciated by production, cleaning and maintenance teams. They all contribute to their adoption. Training and proper use of the machine are key factors in the safe and efficient operation of our conveyors.

Offering great versatility, food belt conveyors are capable of transporting a wide range of food products, from raw materials to processed products, over varying distances and heights. Our belt conveyors can lift material up to a height of 8 m. Our belt conveyors improve efficiency and productivity in a context of rising raw material and labor costs. They are recognizable by their continuous belt. The belt can be made from a variety of materials, such as polyurethane, PVC or rubber, depending on specific production requirements. The belt is exposed to many challenges. It must combine hygiene, robustness and UV resistance, cleaning products (sometimes acidic) and oils. Our belt, made from polyurethane and reinforced with Kevlar® cables, is food-safe, in compliance with food hygiene and safety standards. Flexible and resistant, its perfectly smooth upper surface makes it easy to clean and ensures optimum hygiene.

Belt conveyors can be integrated into existing or on new production lines, with the possibility of configuring their layout accordingly to the space available, whether straight, curved or inclined, vertically or horizontally. This adaptability makes them particularly useful in plants with significant space constraints or specific configuration requirements, improving the overall efficiency of the production line.

Although belt conveyors are designed to be robust, they require a low maintenance to maximise the lifespan of the belt and bearings. The implementation of a preventive maintenance program and the use of high-quality materials help to extend its service life.

To guarantee food manufacturers total food safety throughout their process, the Liftvrac conveyor belt boosts your performances in terms of productivity, quality, maintenance, hygiene and cleaning.

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