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Tracé bleu

From the most fragile to the most sticky products, Liftvrac offers the best return on investment with the highest hygiene standards.


The challenges of product losses and food safety for grated cheese gave the idea of inventing a new elevation solution to Liftvrac founder. Liftvrac is chosen by world leaders in the dairy industry, For all types of cheeses and cuts : grated, cubed or crumbled.


Whether cooked, fresh or frozen, fruits are often sensitive to elevate without damages or waste. With its flat belt which forms a tube around the product and elevates it without compression and product losses, Liftvrac conveyor is the ideal solution for fruit transformers.


Liftvrac conveyors are very often chosen for elevating vegetables (salads, raw or cooked vegetables) with care and without losses.

Meats & Charcuteries

Liftvrac is present worldwide in the meat, charcuterie and vegetable protein sector. Our conveyors elevate all types of meats : minced, sliced, pieces, lardons whether cooked, cured, raw or fresh / frozen.

Ready meals

We have a strong experience to elevate indivudual components of ready meals or mixed preparations such as : pasta, rices, paella, couscous, risotto, ethnic cuisine…

Dried fruits and snacking

We have a long experience with snacking applications on fragile products like crisps, sticky fruits such as prunes and cranberry, or peanuts…

Bakery and Pastry

Designed for sticky and pasty products, Liftvrac is used by bakers and biscuits industry players. You will find Liftvrac in the process from the elevation of raw sticky dough without any waste to the elevation of finished products without any breakage

Seafood products

Expensive and particularly fragile, seafood products require to be handled with care ! By Lifting the product carefully without any compression, Liftvrac conveyor is THE ideal response

Frozen foods

Liftvrac technology is also efficient to elevate frozen foods : meats and charcuterie, fruits, vegetables and ready meals

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