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Liftvrac company was created in 2008 with the desire to offer advanced solutions to specific customer needs that had remained unsolved until then.

Based in the west of France, the company designs, manufactures and markets a unique and award-winning elevator conveyor: the Liftvrac.

Liftvrac, what is it?

The most efficient food conveyor system in the world.

Its unique patented belt, explains the growing success of Liftvrac in the food industry. The belt is made of polyurethane with Kevlar© cables, in order to guarantee resistance and flexibility.
At the entrance of the conveyor, the product is placed on the completely flat Liftvrac belt, wich gradually closes into a tube and rises vertically. The product is then released at the top of the Liftvrac without any alteration and the scrapper will guarantee zero product losses and a perfect on-going cleaning of the belt.

Liftvrac is the only conveyor which eliminates product losses.

Liftvrac conveyors comply with the highest hygiene standards worldwide and have been awarded many prizes such as EHEDG Hygienic Design prize.

Tracé bleu
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Our system is designed to adapt perfectly to your process and bring you the best Return On Investment

The Liftvrac guarantees the product integrity, even the most fragile ones and zero product losses with the highest hygiene and food safety standards.

In addition, by reducing MSDs and accident risks, you will improve the well-being of your teams by choosing Liftvrac.

Liftvrac, for who ?

Our Liftvrac conveyors have been developed for food manufacturers who want to optimize the performance of their production lines and reduce their environmental impact.

Our food-processing conveyors bring a tailor-made and customizable response to your company.

We support you at every step of the process, from defining your needs to calculating your ROI, including manufacturing, shipment of the equipment on site and commissionning.

We provide training for your operators and have a very responsive after-sales service.

Who is Liftvrac?

A professional team committed to constantly improve and provide advanced elevating solutions

The company received numerous innovation prizes which recognize collaborative work with its customers from the food industry.

You want a more sustainable production ? We do too !

This is why our teams are mobilized to integrate the Liftvrac solution into your process and therefore eliminate food losses and reduce energy consumption.

Your satisfaction is our goal, together let’s move towards for a more sustainable food industry.

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