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The food industry, reputed for its high standards of hygiene, quality and performance, requires specific equipment. Liftvrac has developed expertise in food processing conveyors for a wide range of applications: cheeses, fruits, vegetables, meat, ready meals, dried fruit, snacks, bakery products, seafood, frozen foods... A complete range of standard and customized conveyors is available: S-shaped, C-shaped, tube and trough.

To meet the challenges of the food industry, Liftvrac presents its innovative food conveyor solutions, designed to maximize the efficiency of your production lines and meet the specific requirements of food industry environments.

A complete range of standard and customized food belt conveyor: S-shaped, C-shaped, tube and trough.

The Liftvrac food belt conveyor range is available in 4 configurations: the S-shaped conveyor, the C-shaped conveyor, the tube conveyor and the trough. These configurations can be adapted to suit space requirements, delicate product handling and full compliance with the world’s strictest hygiene standards. For this, Liftvrac was awarded the EHEDG Hygienic Design Prize.

Each model is distinctive in its unique features, optimizing production processes while eliminating material loss and guaranteeing a rapid return on investment (ROI). Thanks to customized designs, these conveyors can be perfectly adapted to your complex needs, ensuring seamless integration and rapid operability in all food industry settings.

We study your production environment to adapt your food conveyor system

By understanding and analyzing your environment, we design food conveyor systems that fit efficiently into your existing production processes.

We propose tailor-made food processing conveyors that adapt to the variety of products processed – from potato chips to fresh fruit, for example – their dimensions, temperature and throughput – and to the layout constraints of production sites.

Our personalized approach begins with a detailed study of your needs, constraints and production objectives. This crucial step enables us to propose customized solutions to optimize your production lines, while guaranteeing maximum efficiency and rigorous compliance with industry standards.

Liftvrac innovation: its food belt conveyor

At the entrance of the food conveyor, the product is deposited on the totally smooth conveyor belt. It gradually closes like a tube, gently lifting the product through the phenomenon of bridging effect. The product is then released at the exit without having been altered in any way. The smooth conveyor belt is continuously scraped by the flexible blade scraper. Liftvrac is the only food conveyor that eliminates raw material losses.

The conveyor belt is appreciated by maintenance and cleaning teams for its ease of assembly and disassembly, without tools.

Three conveyor configurations to suit your needs

Liftvrac's design office can offer you the most suitable configuration


S conveyor: compactness, adaptability and maximum capacity

The S-shaped design is ideal for feeding multihead weighers, crushers, mixers, dosers, etc. With its minimal footprint, it can be lowered for easy cleaning and maintenance. Renowned for its remarkable performance, it lifts the most delicate products up to 8 m high on your production lines.
Convoyeur Liftvrac en S
Convoyeur Liftvrac en C


C conveyor: reduced footprint

The C-shaped design elevates your products and eliminates material losses, while optimizing floor space. It is frequently chosen for dosing by topping and change-of-direction.


Food processing conveyors in tube or trough design

The food processing tube conveyor: protection from foreign bodies

Our tube conveyors allow horizontal or slightly inclined transfers up to 15m long. The closed-tube position offers optimum protection of the product against foreign bodies and cross-contamination.

The product is preserved and maintained at both hot and cold temperatures. The conveyor belt is continuously scraped to avoid any loss of material.

The trough: an ergonomic and complementary system

Its self-guiding conveyor belt eliminates any risk of overhang and remains in line with the axis. Conveyors can be up to 15m long. Ergonomically designed, it provides easy access for maintenance and cleaning operations.

Convoyeur Liftvrac en tube

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