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In the food industry, elevating conveyors are key elements for production efficiency and food safety.

Our Liftvrac conveyors bring this performance, by offering advanced and adaptable solutions to meet your needs.

What are their advantages ? 5 exclusive benefits


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No products losses

Liftvrac technology, which combines a patented belt formed in a tube, with a flexible scraper, erase products losses and food wastes.


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Hygienic design

The tube formed by the flat Liftvrac belt protects food from any external contamination and is easy to clean without any retention area.


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Product preservation

During elevation the product is not altered, compressed, or compacted in order to preserve products integrity. Liftvrac is the best solution even for fragile items.
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Space saving

Our conveyors are adaptable to any type of production line : new project or existing line. It’s configuration minimize foot print even for high elevation.


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Eco-friendly & User-friendly

On top of being low energy users, our conveyors are easy to clean which reduces water and detergents consumption. Easy to use and silent, Liftvrac conveyors are recommended by our customer operators.

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