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C conveyor

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The food processing C-belt conveyor: for a smaller footprint

The C-shaped conveyor belt food meets the productivity and profitability objectives of food production sites.

This innovative technology benefits from:

  • simplified cleaning,
  • easier maintenance,
  • respect for products,
  • zero material loss.
These advantages explain the Liftvrac conveyor’s rapid return on investment, and the support of our teams. It also helps to reduce the environmental footprint of production lines.
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Convoyeur en C

Adaptability, space optimization and hygienic innovations

In crowded food production sites, the small footprint of the “C” conveyor is particularly relevant. It can lift products up to 7m high. It is frequently chosen for topping and direction change.

The “C” conveyor belt food meets the latest food safety standards. The conveyor and the smooth conveyor belt are constantly enriched by innovations developed by our R&D department, an active member of the EHEDG. Hygiene is at the heart of our technologies.

Tailored solutions

To meet your needs, we also design and manufacture custom-made “C” conveyors.

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