During elevation process with the previous cleated belt, fruits were sticking to the cleats and falling off on the floor and this generated product losses.


French based company Fruits Rouges & Co, specialized in transforming and packing fresh or IQF fruits has chosen LIFTVRAC to replace a cleated belt conveyor.


After studying the problems encountered by the customers design offices to switch to a “S shape LIFTVRAC conveyor”. Since now, there are no more product losses, moreover the new lowerable conveyor installed on wheels can adapt to the production requirements in a few minutes.
By doing so, Fruits Rouges has erased 100% of its product losses during elevation and by 80% its product losses in the total packaging process indicates Thibaut Philippon. The cleaning of the belt is easy as sticky products are scrapped all along the production by the scraping blade during the 24-hour batches.

Customer’s word

Thibaut Philippon mentioned that the ROI will be less a than a year with the savings generated by reduced cleaning time and the absence of product losses. This is a great contribution from Fruits Rouges & Co to fight against food waste and develop its sales and CSR progression jointly.

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