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Les ateliers du goût

Tracé bleu

Avoid material losses and increase in line availability

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Michel Tregouet, Technical Manager of Les Ateliers du Goût, installed his first Liftvrac at the end of 2019 in Offranville, in Seine Maritime. And this barely 9 months after discovering our conveyor at the CFIA show, almost by chance.


Mr. Tregouet was quite satisfied with his gooseneck conveyor with cleats and did not plan to replace it in the short term. A test campaign later, the benefits of the Liftvrac proved to be so significant that the investment was made. With an ROI target of less than one year.


Installation of a Liftvrac S Access conveyor, fed upstream by a vibrator, which raises the products to more than 4.5m in height to an associative weigher.

Customer’s word

“The investment is largely compensated by the benefits it brings us”

“If only with the savings we make by avoiding material losses and the increase in line availability linked to the reduction in cleaning times, the Liftvrac will pay for itself in less than a year. The bonus is that thanks to this new conveyor, we will also increase our production rates! »

“With this conveyor, operators have total confidence”

“The Offranville Liftvrac is fully covered. There are no incoming points and therefore no risk for the operators. Its handling by the teams was very easy, the control screen is very intuitive. The Liftvrac was immediately adopted; it even has a nickname: the anaconda!

Source: Testimony from June 2020

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